Gianni Milani

As a child of the early 90’s house movement, Gianni Milani started to spin records at popular venues across Switzerland, enjoying the pumping and driving elements of the electronic music at parties and venues around major cities. Over the years he has also performed in different locations across Italy, such as Rome, Milan, Riccione and Rimini. Clearly not aware he would become an emerging talent of that scene, Gianni Milani soon became friends with local DJ’s discovering his talent and joy spinning the vinyl himself. Already famous as a DJ, he wanted to make a step further in his career.

In 2009 he met his producer Umberto Cea and they started a very successful partnership. During the last years Gianni Milani mostly did remixes for other people but also started producing his own repertoire. Have a listen to his remixes for 2 times Grammy Award and MTV Awards Winner Fatman Scoop *let’s have a good time* and Snoop Dog.

Even though the electro house genre is oversaturated, Gianni Milani , is a house veteran who produces and performs is keenly aware of how much electro flavor the house genre has absorbed over the years.  He loves to play the crowd on the dance floor and is always willing to push the boundaries a little bit further than most. 

His latest production Turn Me On is a collaboration with an american vocalist “.

It is a well-crafted house track with glamourous vocals in high quality. His voice is perfectly suited to the sonic enormity of the precisely programmed playback. The stomping house beats and gliding square-waveform bass lines reflect Gianni Milani’s electro house roots, while nicely constructed pitch-portamento interactions between the sound scenes drill into each and every clubbers body to generate a dangerous dependence. Turn Me On is a Dancefloor- MUST-HAVE fueled by a heavy dance drive.

Gianni Milani’s sound is addictive. Growing as an innovative remixer and collaboration partner Gianni Milani has come a long way to get so far and there is much more to expect from him as he finally just perfectly started his career. Let’s wait and see what’s next in the clubs around the globe from Gianni Milani ...