Name: Gianfranco Salvo
Origin: Berne
Soundstyle: House
DJ since: 1996
Date of birth: 31.08.1979

31th August 1979 born Gianfranco Salvo a.k.a. DJ Gianni Milani started his career as a DJ in 1996 when buying his first house record on vinyl. After his record collection became bigger and bigger he finally bought himself a mixer and spent a lot of time mixing different songs from now on.

Soon DJ Gianni Milani also started mixing at private parties. When more and more people began to get enthusiastic about his mixing skills, his way as a DJ led him from home parties to public. Thus he has been mixing in clubs more and more.

Gianfranco loves to make people dance through his music. His sicilian temper is also being expressed within as the fact that he has got the house groove in his blood. When mixing in clubs Gianni Milani meets enthusiastic people who love his music and like to dance to it. So it is that there are mostly a lot of people present when he is at work as a DJ.

Up to now mixing house music is a hobby for Gianfranco. Namely he's working as a book-keeping clerk in a bank. The activity as a DJ means a welcome change to his daily work with numbers. This is being shown at events where he is mixing, by his enthusiasm and by his joy.

In Switzerland, he doesn't only mix in the city of Berne (his residence) and in the canton of Berne but also in the cantons of Zurich, Solothurn, Lucerne, Waadt and Basel-City.

Besides his work as a DJ in Switzerland, Gianni's also being engaged abroad: Baia Imperiale (Rimini), Makkeroni (Roma), Prince (Riccione) and Tocqueville (Milano) are the clubs which have been enjoying his DJ activity until now.

Gianfranco has learnt by himself all techniques and finesse which are needed for a clean mixing. When he is at work one recognizes how well he masters the art of mixing and how he can offer to the people fine-sounding house groove without any breaks.

Because of his work as a clerk DJ Gianni Milani is mixing in clubs approximately three to four times a month. And then it's really party time: with his open-hearted and bright nature as well as with his music he always inspires people to dance in clubs in Switzerland or abroad.